What is The Strong & Happy Plan and is it for me?

The Strong & Happy Plan is an easy to follow weight loss plan that is designed to fit in with your lifestyle. 

Designed for women to learn how to get into an eating and exercising routine that will provide you with more energy, more motivation, help you lose body fat / weight  and to feel better about what you see in the mirror – and ultimately teach you skills that you can then hopefully take with you through life.

Can I still do this plan if I am pregnant / breastfeeding, injured or have a medical condition?

If you are pregnant, injured or have a medical condition please make sure that you consult a doctor before embarking on this plan.

If you have just had a baby and are breastfeeding you can of course still take part in this plan again just check with your consultant or doctor first.  You can adjust and adapt the intensity of your workouts to your current needs, listen to your body. 

The plan is all about healthy eating and making sure that you are fueling and nourishing your body properly so it will most certainly be beneficial to you.

Can I do these workouts at home or anywhere?

Yes I have designed these workouts so that they fit into your lifestyle. All the exercises can be done at home, in the gym or in fact anywhere when you have a little time (yes, even on holiday) and are designed around minimal use of space and no need for specialist equipment – most people hugely underestimate what can be achieved with body weight alone !

I’ve tried other diets, how will this be different?

This is a hugely diverse and complicated topic, but it boils down to the psychology of change and the formulation of new habits.  Most plans or approaches do not address this correctly and fall short after the initial inspirational ‘boost’ wears off and life kicks in – leaving you alone, stressed and tired with only a sofa and bad food choices for company.